Introducing the books of The Ice Cream Shop Series...

S(mint)ten Chocolate Chip (Book 1) by Tiffany Carby

S(mint)ten Chocolate Chip book cover

 Player Nik has figured out that it’s time to hang up his hat when it comes to one night stands. His pride has been scarred and his head is hung low when a new lady enters his office at The Mint.

Noey is a successful career woman who’s only wish in life is for things to slow down a little. But if things slowed down, would her success continue? She gets passed off to meet with Nik by his boss who doesn’t seem to have time for her, but what she finds instead is a single bachelor she can’t get out of her head.

Noey’s successful blog has her setup to take a road trip across the country in search of the best ice cream spots voted on by her fans. What she quickly realizes is the lonesome trip sounds a lot better with her new friend in tow. Is one night in DC enough for Noey to think about taking a stranger across country? Or will this new relationship melt before her tires hit the road? 

Bourbon Street (Book 2) by Sara Schoen

Bourbon Street Cover Image

Bartenders always know the most about a town and its people. | They know every story of a drunken night out, the tales of nights long past, and horror stories from personal lives from those who have no one else to share with. They've watched friendships and relationships blossom, they've even witnessed a fights, and heard more confessions. | Mary Reynolds moved to Escape to get away from her past, not rush head first into someone else's twisted life. | Richard Overton was framed. He just can't prove it. He came into Outsiders Bar as a mystery. Everyone in town thinks he murdered his friend, but he holds true to his innocence. Drunkenly, he tells Mary everything, and surprisingly, she believes he didn't do it. Too bad she's the only one. | Together they try to prove Richard's innocence...but what if he isn't as innocent as he seems? 

Sweet Sundaes (Book 3) by Jessica Collins


 I fell in love with Quentin Bennett when I was six years old.
He’s been the only man I’ve ever really loved.
We were twelve when he kissed me. Sixteen when he made love to me.
And seventeen—when he broke my heart.
Now, twelve years later, my father is sick and I have to return home.
Back to New Jersey. Back to…Quentin.
I never expected to see him again, and yet, one look in his bright blue eyes and I’m hooked.
I want his hands, his mouth, his lips, all over me. I want him to hold me tight and never let me go.
I want him to love me again.
All I’ve ever Quentin.

I fell in love with Peyton Monroe when I was seven years old.
She’s been the only woman I’ve ever really loved.
I was young—and stupid—and broke both of our hearts, forcing her to run out of my life.
I’ve never been the same.
When she showed up back in town, all grown up and more beautiful than ever, I made the decision.
I have to win her back.
I need her in my arms, in my bed, and with my ring around her finger.
I’ll do whatever it takes.
This time, I won’t screw it up.
I can’t afford to.
All I’ve ever wanted…is Peyton 

Anything But Vanilla (Book 4) by Laney Smith

Anything But Vanilla Cover

 The Best Man.
The Maid of Honor.

An explosive love story only dreams could compare to – at least until the nightmare set in.

In spite of his reputation for being a heartbreaker who lives life in the fast lane, when commercial pilot, Owen Quinn, finally got a chance to date the sweet, innocent, ice cream shop girl, Emma Welby, he found himself on unfamiliar ground. This wild, life-of-the-party guy had finally found something he knew he wanted to hold onto. With a passionate, budding romance in full swing, Owen knows he has finally found the one woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

With marriage on his mind, Owen promised Emma he would never break her heart.

He lied!

In the worst possible way, he lied. 

Around the Glampfire (Book 5) by Taylor Henderson

Around the Glampfire Cover Image

Cameron Anderson never wanted to live in a place like Escape, Colorado. Unlike her family members, she hates hiking, camping, and just about anything the outdoors has to offer. Biding her time until she can move away, she’s talked into watch her niece, Miya, while her parents are away on a hiking trip. Now, as the chaperone for a weekend camping trip for a bunch of nature-loving six-year olds, Cameron has no choice but to dive into nature, which just might lead her into the arms of a man she would have never met otherwise. | Gavin Downy is a forest ranger who spends most of his time in the woods. According to him, spending the weekend hiking and camping in the mountains is the makings of a great weekend. To Cameron, it is anything but. It’s clear Gavin doesn’t know what to think of the high-maintenance, slightly germaphobic chaperone by the way he teases her at any chance he gets. But what happens when the weekend ends and neither of them can get the other out of their head? | One thing is for sure, sparks will fly when you’re around the glampfire. 

Snow Cream & Bourbon (Book 6) by Tiffany Carby

snow cream and bourbon

 The last blizzard of the season has hit Spring City. After already enduring a whirlwind of a winter, Malcolm Blackhart wanted to enjoy the quiet after the storm when a certain geography teacher interferes with those plans. 

Stumbling onto his property and passing out from exhaustion, Miss Anibet Hollister, the teacher Mal has fantasized over for years, winds up in his bed. A freezer full of snow cream and a liquor cabinet full of bourbon are sure to keep the couple warm until the snow melts.

Will Mal and Ani be able to fight the emotions between them as they wait for the snow to melt? Or will a secret from Ani’s past comes back to haunt her and force Mal to make a decisions.

Pineapple Crush (Book 7) by Alexandra Reed

Pineapple Crush Cover Image

Ellie Dalton was in trouble, or rather, her business was. So, when her best friend suggests she hire a PR guy, Ellie knew she had nothing to lose. 

Except for her heart.

Jude Cavanagh is good at his job. His job is to market people and their brands, but when he meets Ellie, al he wants to do is sell himself-to her.

Together they come up with a brilliant idea to inject some fun into her business and some cocktail into her ice cream. Adventure, fun, romance, and mayhem follow as Ellie and Jude are thrown together in a bid to save Pineapple Crush. 

Butter Pecan Dream (Book 8) by Angela K. Parker

Butter Pecan Dream Cover Image

I have the perfect job, the perfect cars, and a more than adequate bank account. Up until six months ago, I believed that I would have the perfect wife. Helena was beautiful, smart, and ambitious. I thought that she was flawless, until the day that I learned of her cheating.

Instead of allowing her actions to break me, I let it fuel me. I drowned myself in work, and locked away any trace of her, only to be met in my dreams by another. For the past six months, I’ve been haunted by the most mesmerizing hazel eyes. It’s always the same girl, always a beautiful beginning, but never an end.

After closing a huge deal, my friends suggest that a vacation is in order, and for once I don’t refuse. My plan is to relax, have fun, and maybe throw in a little pleasure on the side.

While on vacation, I question my sanity and struggle to keep my plan alive because that plan didn’t include my dream colliding into my reality. It didn’t include the girl with the hazel eyes. 

Sweet Treats Cafe: Blood Orange Sundaes (Book 9) by Leah Negron

Sweet Treats Cafe: Blood Orange Sundaes Cover Image

Jessica Colter spent her whole life helping her parents in their ice cream shop. She longed for the day she was old enough to leave the shop, their little town and all the small-minded people that lived there. On her eighteenth birthday, she packed her beat up old truck and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina never looking back. Jessica found a roommate, a great job, and some of the most incredible friends one could ever imagine.
Tragedy struck on her twenty-third birthday when the call came from Mr. Bartell, the family lawyer. He explained that her parents had been in a horrible accident and she needed to return to Kernersville as soon as possible. Mr. Bartell informed her that her mother had died on impact when the truck hit them. Her father, on the other hand, was barely clinging to life by the machines that kept his body functioning.
Will Jessica move back home and take over the ‘Sweet Treats Café?’ She despised her father; he was the reason she left in the first place. He was a cruel, vicious man and the very reason she never had a boyfriend; Now the tables were turned. A plan was forming in her mind one that if caught she would be considered more sadistic and cruel than her father ever had been. 

Cookies & Cream: Italian Style (Book 10) by Judy Swinson

Cookies & Cream: Italian Style Cover Image

Maggie and Marcos met when he was 17 and she was 14 one spring afternoon when she and her best friend, Kathy, had gone to a local beach, Chick’s, a teen hangout. They had heard friends at school talk about Cole’s Ice Cream Shop, about a block away and decided to check it out before going home.
Kathy and her new friend Jason had ordered and were sitting at one of the tables eating their ice cream cones, but Maggie was still trying to decide what flavor to order when someone walked up behind her and whispered in her ear. If you trust me, I would order Cookies and Cream. Turning around she looked up into the face of a boy she had never seen, a boy with penetrating cobalt blue eyes. Maggie was hooked, love at first sight, and a love that would last for years. His name was Marcos. She later learned he was actually very shy and had been talked into approaching her by his friends.
It was not always a happy time for the M and M couple as their friends called them. It was a typical first love, teen romance. There were periods of jealousy and disappointments and arguments, but they always ended back together until they didn’t.
Years later when they saw each other would their past lead to just memories of a first love or would they take a chance to rekindle that long ago love as adults?

Red Velvet (Book 11) by Trinity McGregor


 Alek's vampire club, Red Velvet, is the first to open its doors to humans, in order to "improve relations." Alek hires Paige to be his barista in the new "alcohol infused ice cream bar" he installed to make the club more catering to the humans. But that puts Paige right in the middle of the lion's den, and that makes Alek the Lion King. 

Lemon's Sorbet Disaster (Book 12) by E.H. Demeter

Lemon's Sorbet Disaster Cover Image

 When Lemon Wilder learned that her great uncle had left her a property in small town South Carolina, she was more perplexed than excited. After some coaxing from friends, and the realization she had nothing else stopping her, she agrees to follow the will’s strange request to spend a year in the town in order to claim the property. When she uncovers a long buried secret, she finds fitting in to the town may be even harder than she originally thought. Torn between wanting to tuck tail and desiring to stick it out, will Lemon survive the Sorbet Disaster? 

Honey Kisses from an Angel (Book 13) by Thea Valentine

Honey Kisses from an Angel Cover Image

 Angels and demons have been known to appear in many forms.

Honey Hills, Colorado is known for its honey. Charlie Hamilton, the local beekeeper, spends most of his time out tending to the honey bees while his wife, Betty works in their ice cream shop, Sweet as Honey.

When Betty falls ill and passes away, their daughter Della must learn the business to keep it running. Charlie is left to tending his bees. Pain struck with grief he falls victim to an evil presence. Della must figure out a way to protect herself and the bees.

Engel Zolotis, takes an interest in Della. Something about her makes his heart jump a few beats. Feeling the need to connect more they go on a whirlwind romance.

Della learns the shocking truth behind Engel. A deep secret causes her to question her own secret. She must learn to trust those around her to avoid the dangers that seek her due to her father’s negligence. Stuck between love and business, Engel must make a decision.

Can the future of Honey Hills be saved? The truth is all in the ice cream.

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl (Book 14) by T.A. Moorman

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cover Image

 Bound and determined to spread his wings live his life to its fullest, from nowhere near his parents, Lucas decides to take a trip to the human realm. Especially when he realizes he has a mate, and neither of them are ready to settle down. So, they figure the best thing for them to do is to stay as far away from each other as possible. But when he gets his first taste of life, and ice cream, he isn't in a big hurry to get back home.

What Lucas doesn't realize is that his parents kept him secluded from the world for a reason. Anya, his mother, is an elemental witch/vampire. Kierra, his father, half angel, half gender shifting demon. Which makes him...

When the angels from Heaven and the hounds of Hell sense his presence Lucas may just get a lot more than he bargained for. Especially with him being part vampire and witch, heaven and hell aren't the only ones that could take claim. The question is will the other dieties step in to help, or agree that he shouldn't even exist?

***This can be read as a standalone. But may be a lot more fun when read in order.*** 

Cotton Candy (Book 15) by Erin Lee

Cotton Candy Cover Image

 The Sequel to Erin Lee’s international bestselling Diary of a Serial Killer series. Because serial killers need happy endings too… | Thirty-something victims and too many years on death row to count later, Jimmie Putnam has found love. It comes in the form of a woman named Candy who has fallen in love with the infamous Ice Cream Killer. | With sprinkles of love, lust and even fear, the duo teams up to create a new flavor all their own. | Can true love survive incarceration and endless toppings that come in pink envelopes? Or, is it doomed to melt? | The cravings are back. And so is the ice cream man. He has a new friend. | Care to join them? 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Delight (Book 16) by T. Elizabeth Guthrie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Delight Cover Image

Chad wants her more than she’ll ever know. Unfortunately, she’s a Domme; a female version of his Dom. He’s definitely NOT a switch but can he change JuliAnna’s mind so she’ll become one for him?The rules will be simple: She can keep her job as a Domme at the Ice Cream Shop, but the private Chocolate Peanut Butter Delight Room, where everything is made for submission, she will belong to him. She will obey his every command and he will bring her pleasure unlike anything she’s ever known.Chad knows he can make JuliAnna love him eventually. If he can only get a chance to have her that first time and make her realize that she loves being a submissive as much as a Domme.But it won’t be easy. Love and power are very complicated things.JuliAnna suspects Chad of sabotaging her client list for his own personal gains. She doesn’t trust him as far as she can snap her plaited snake whip at him. But there is definitely something about Chad that turns her on against her better judgment.Will he eventually wear her down so that she gives in and lets him Dom her? Or will she keep running away until he finally takes the decision out of her hands and does all the things he’s been wanting to do to her?Whatever happens is sure to delight… 

The Cookie Dough Job (Book 17) by Olivia Marie & Tressa Rabbitt

The Cookie Dough Job Cover Image

Things didn’t come easy for Jade Harbuck. At least, they didn’t before she met Dave. But after a whirlwind romance and a hell of a road trip, the quirky couple had finally laid routes in Escape, Colorado. With an ice cream stand and a hell of a pick-pocket scam, the duo was set on a Vegas wedding.

What could go wrong with true love, an overweight dog named Berky-McDouble and a plan in the mix? Cookie dough. That’s what. And when the pair gets caught anything’s bound to happen… 

A Scoop of Love and Cheesecake Ice Cream (Book 18) by Jessie Chick


When Torrin moved back to Mississippi the last thing she thought she would do is fall for a woman. 

Harper loved two things ice cream and books. Falling for her favorite author and boss was just a bonus.
Alex was the only male employee at Frozen reads until Jared was hired. Alex had no intentions of falling for him until one night changed his mind.
Jared was in the closet until he started working at Frozen Reads, meeting and falling for Alex was just a bonus. 

The Coffee Bean (Book 19) by Roux Cantrell

The Coffee Bean Cover Image

 When two worlds collide, things get sticky
Are you ready to fall in love with a Gypsy King

When it comes to being a part of the Gypsy King’s MC Marcus Breaux aka Crow knows who he is and what he’s about. When it comes to his new relationship with Lilly McDaniels he’s trying to find his way.
While the MC is under investigation for a shooting Crow has laid low. Now back in town he wants nothing more than to spend time with Lilly. But, situations have changed and both his worlds have collided.
Will business and pleasure make for a sticky situation or can things go smoothly when problems arise after a high profile business man makes unwanted advancements towards Lilly causing Crow to take matters in his own hands…

Find out in this sweet and sexy story… 

The Trouble with Dulce de Leche (Book 20) by Kathia Iblis

The Trouble with Dulce De Leche Cover Image

 Sofía is ready to leave the small Alaskan town of Zima the moment she arrives. Not only having to adjust to the drastic temperature difference from her home town of Buenos Aires, she’s expected to make new friends and finish school in a literal foreign land. Homesick and missing her parents, she longs for the comfort of favorite dessert, Dulce de Leche ice cream. Adjusting to this new normal has her ice screaming for security and a new sense of home.

Callan thinks the quirky, new girl is more than a bit strange. Assisting Sofia fight off being homesick is one thing he can do to help take his mind off his own issues. What he doesn’t realize is she may be the solution to his own problems and can eventually help his family. Callan never thought he would fall for Sofia, but when he finds out the way to her heart is Dulce de Leche, he turns on his own sweet tooth.

Will Callan be able to use Sofia to help his family, or will he be forced to lose the only girl he had ever loved? 

Banana Split Sunsets (Book 21) by Lorah Jaiyn

Banana Split Sunsets Cover Image

 Abigail Adams is hiding after her abusive, now-ex-husband escapes from prison. She’s hunkered down in the small coastal town of Grouper Cove in Florida’s panhandle. It’s the perfect place for anyone running away; secluded and off the radar. Deciding to take up kayaking, the rental agent gives her one piece of advice - stay off the island that looms on the horizon.

Spencer Hightower lives the life of a hermit after buying his own private island. Emotionally poisoned by humanity, the only social interaction he needs is with his dog, Miracle.

When a sudden storm tosses Abby on the island’s beach and cracks her kayak, she has visions of cannibals and resurrected dinosaurs. Instead she is found by a dog who leads her to a man whose only redeeming quality is his sweet spot for banana splits and sunsets… 

Cherry Cordial (Book 22) by Mila Waters

Cherry Cordial Cover Image

My husband’s death devastated me.
But, when I rode away from it all on the back of Tyler Kander’s motorcycle, life took on a whole new meaning.

We shared cherry cordials under the sunset with a blanket laid beneath us. It was the epitome of perfection.

However, I let the past sneak back in and it practically destroyed me.

On my wedding day, I ran.

How could I not? I swore my dead husband’s ghost was haunting me. Then, Tyler found me like he always does. He took one look at me and knew just what it would take for me to see that the past was just that: The past.

Cherry cordials and a blanket laid under the sky. That was what I needed in my life. Tyler vowed he would give that to me any time I asked.

So why do I feel the ghost of the past creeping up behind me, ready to steal the very future Tyler hopes to give me?

The answer is in cherry cordial ice cream

Sultry Neapolitan Nights (Book 23) by Michele Shriver


 Royce O’Connell is a musician without a band, playing the summer fair circuit in an effort to reinvent his career following the break-up of his longtime band. | Fresh off a divorce and in need of a career change, Silvy Masters is looking to reinvent herself. She’s not sure selling ice cream at the state fair is the way to do it, but a job is a job. And who doesn’t love ice cream? | Royce takes a liking to the cool summer treat, as well as the beautiful blonde serving it up, while Silvy becomes a fan of Royce’s smooth and sexy vocals. It seems that ice cream and rock and roll dreams make the perfect combination for a summer fling, but can the sultry neapolitan nights last through the season, or will things cool off once the fairgrounds close? 

Chocolate Coated (Book 24) by K Williams



By my best friend.

Of course he doesn't remember our night together. No matter how much I hint at it. Sneaking out to avoid the uncomfortable talk that would come after and potentially mess up our friendship was the biggest mistake I ever made.

What do I do now? 

His Georgia Peach & Her Mr. Cream (Book 25) by Rae B. Lake



Have you ever smelled a fresh baked double fudge brownie straight from the oven, or maybe saw the icing melt over a perfectly crafted double layer cake, or my favorite, have you ever tasted a perfectly smooth, sweet and cold scoop of ice cream on a hot day? Heaven.

Whenever I think of ice cream, cookies, cakes and pies I think of home. I grew up in the small dessert bar that my Nana and Poppa owned. I studied there, cried there, had parties there, even learned how to master my craft there. My life was complete the day Nana told me that she was handing the reins over to me and I could do as I wish with the bar. With the time change I was sure that upgrading the dessert bar to a new and hip wine and dessert bar we would be getting more customers in no time and just like I had predicted, Peaches’ Wine and Dessert Bar was a hit!

Life was grand until I found the notice that said the bank was taking our bar and selling it to a Mr. Gregory Cream. Apparently Poppa was a gambler and took out a new mortgage against the old bar and now the bill has come due. This small bar has been my entire life and there was no way that I would let Mr. Cream take it from me. I would do anything to keep it in the family even if that means pretending to be his new Executive Assistant. I mean how hard could it be? Just because I have never held a secretarial position in my life or can barely turn on a computer without setting fire to the surrounding area doesn’t mean that I will be bad at it.

I am on a mission!

Salted Caramel Hideaway (Book 26) by Lauren Tisdale

Salted Caramel Hideaway Cover Image

 Julie had been planning the wedding of her dreams for the better part of two years. The long awaited day finally came.

A beautiful white dress—check!
Perfectly sentimental vows—check!
Butterflies so strong they made her nauseous—double check!
The only thing missing… was the groom.

Stranded at the alter wasn’t supposed to happen in real life. A sappy rom-com, sure…but not to Julie. Tail between her legs, she sets off—alone—to her beautiful honeymoon. A sweet, romantic island getaway she wants nothing to do with. What's more, there's one last surprise waiting for her—the sarcastic, sexy, bartender named Eddie.

Determined not to allow Julie to wallow in her cynical attitude, he has just one week to transform the newly sexy single from salty to sweet. One week, or she’ll end up just another jilted bride with a bad attitude. One remind her how to love again. 

Bubble Gum Love (Book 27) by Rita Delude

Bubble Gum Love Cover Image

Although Amanda loves it, she recognizes that life is much more complicated than ice cream and bubble gum.

She and Seth are a pair and have been forever. Along comes newcomer, Cory, who doesn’t act or look like them. Will he shake up their world? Cory wants only to finally be accepted by his peers. Seth longs for the courage to grab the one thing that he desperately wants.
And what does Amanda wish for besides ice cream and bubble gum? She craves what they all want—a special someone to love. 

It's My Birthday Cake (Book 28) by Marie Ahls

It's My Birthday Cake Cover Image

 "Charm and seduce him" was what he said to do, but Lydia Jackson finds herself charmed and seduced by the very person she was supposed to be charming. Wanting to impress her boss, Lydia accepts a new job assignment to gather intel from a rival company. Off to small town Iowa she goes where Lydia discovers more than she bargains for when she is forced to explore what type of woman she wants to be.  Gage Eastwood is grieving from his grandfather's death and looking to continue his grandfather's legacy and make him proud. He suddenly finds himself enchanted by the new woman who comes to town. With a kind heart and generous spirit, he sets out to make this woman his.  As their worlds collide, will Gage and Lydia be able to find a way to be together or will they be torn apart by little white lies? 

Love & Candy Canes (Book 29) by MK Moore

Love and Candy Canes Cover Image

Savannah Echols, celebrity chef, is tired of being alone, but also tired of guys who play games. So naturally, she is leery of the handsome man she meets at the beach.

Emmerich Tresoro, heir to the Tresoro Family Ice Cream Co., sees her from the boardwalk in Atlantic City and sets out to claim her. One look and he is done.

He is not above using her weakness, an ice cream his company discontinued, to win her heart.

Grown men don’t play games, they claim what’s theirs.

The Candy Cane ice cream isn’t the only thing melting this July.

Will Savannah scream for ice cream or Emmerich? Since this is a smutty sweet treat, I’d bet on both.

This is a safe, HEA, short story with an alpha who never shares. 

Love Notes & Zanzibar (Book 30) by J.V. Stanley


 Isa's life is certainly no bed of roses. It's more of a snot-covered, hole-in-the-duvet...Is that...What is that? Dried banana? Heartbroken and depressed after suffering an emotionally crippling tragedy, her world had been nothing but tears and pain for the past two years.

Unable to ignore the needs of her cherub-faced daughter-or the pile of unpaid bills on her coffee table-any longer, Isa accepts a position at the local ice cream parlor. She's (mostly fully prepared for long nights of cleaning sour milk, sweeping spoons and straw wrappers, and finding the occasional teenagers sneaking kisses behind the store. What she never prepared herself for, however; was the note.

One small envelope, left with a deep red rose, a cozy little dish of Zanzibar ice cream, and an envelope sealed in wax with the initials J. R. R., is just the small spark Isa's needed to feel again. Each additional note, filled with compliments and curious observations, has Isa desperate to find her mystery admirer. Perhaps he can be the one to warm her iced-over heart, to help her remember how to smile.

To give her a second chance at love. 

Frankie & Zeke: The Magic of Rainbow Sherbet (Book 31) by Samantha Rae

Frankie & Zeke Cover Image

 Searching for her past finds Frankie in the small town of Liberty, Massachusetts. What she wasn’t expecting to find in this little town, however, was a guy named Zeke…a guy whose body, heart and soul could melt the rainbow right off of her scoop of rainbow sherbet ice cream. What Frankie has to decide is if she will allow the ghosts of her past melt the possibilities of her future with this handsome distraction.

Zeke finds himself back home in Liberty, doing what he does best…eating his family’s famous recipe, “DaddyO Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream,” which is proudly sold in his mother’s Sweet Land of Liberty ice cream shop and bakery. He spends his days working at the local tattoo shop, Soul Ink, where he meets Frankie. This troubled but gorgeous girl walks right into his shop looking for connections to her past. Will Zeke be able to convince her to trust him with her heart?

Come on in to Sweet Land of Liberty where you’ll find friendship and love…all over a bowl of DaddyO Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream. 

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